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Over 10,000 Wellness Centers and healers of all kinds; Reiki practitioners, therapists, psychics, yoga studios, and spas, use his music all day long because they feel that his music is the most healing one on the planet. John Hopkins Medical Centers actually have entire floors that play his music 24/7 for this reason. Approximately 300,000 people a day are being treated while listening to the creations of David Young. Many of these healing practitioners agree with what Deborah Eaton MFC said: “David Young’s music is the best for relaxing the people I work with”.

David is a twice Grammy nominated, transformational musician who has recorded 59 albums, sold over 1,000,000 copies, written three books and plays two Renaissance flutes at one time. His albums include six Musical Affirmation CDs that have been approved by the APA (the American Psychological Association) because of their therapeutic qualities. David creates a harmonic resonance and a frequency that millions of people all over the world have experienced and call “The most Heavenly music on Earth.”

Marie Diamond, one of the Nine Earth Mothers and a speaker in the film The Secret said, “I had the most profound spiritual experience of my entire life while listening to David performing his Creation CD.”

He wrote and starred in the film Village of Dreams that has been played hundreds of times on television in the United States.

David Young recently spoke of his new genre of healing music called Musical Affirmations on The Coast to Coast radio interview with George Noory. The responds of the listeners was amazing. David offers one-hour CD’s or downloads, each contains one healing mantra sung in the background that subtly weaves in and out of a soothing soundtrack of Renaissance flute, ethereal acoustic guitar, and synthesizer. Each mantra CD appeals to a broad range of mental disorders from anxiety to lack of self-love. Musical Affirmations have even been shown to have a great impact on Alzheimer’s patients. When positive words are attached to an easy-to-remember melody, they are stored in a part of the brain that is more easy to remember.

This Age of Ascension we are all living in now is a time when people are sharing their spiritual experiences in forward thinking open minded groups like this.


Over the recent two years, David’s music and performances have taken on even deeper spiritual life enhancing energies. Not long ago, I attended a ‘Soul Ascension Journey’ led by David Young, where most of the audience had strong spiritual experiences and many had visions of the Ascended Masters. I could touch the energy in the room, and see the impact on the audience, when they had visions far beyond the expected. David uses his music and leads guided spiritual journeying exercises, which act as catalysts to bring people to states where they can experience some amazing things.

At most Soul Assension Performances an avage of twenty percent of the participants feel contact by their deceased loved ones, nearly thirty-five percent speak with the Ascended masters or Archangels, another sixteen percent tell of experiencing intensely their spiritual Inner Light and some thirteen percent remember detailed past life experiences.


David has presented over 250 “Soul Activation Journeys” around the country over the recent year and a half. The soothing music of his flutes, along with inspired, guided spirit journeying, lead most participants at the events to what they report as the most profound spiritual experience of their lives. Over the recent months the energy at these events has increased and 80 per cent of event participants now share visions of, and meetings with, the greatest spiritual teachers through time, these visions being unrelated to the participants religious upbringing, or current beliefs.

At David’s events hundreds of people have had visions and encounters with either Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Lao Tzu, or Lady Quin Yin. Experiences that people describe running the gamut from deep emotional healings and being shown the heavenly worlds, to encounters that are slightly humorous.

I had a talk with David about his thoughts of what is happening at his events. He said that,

“I couldn’t count how many people have shared that their experience with one of the Ascended Masters was not what they thought it would be and how ‘normal’ it felt.”

I asked David how it came about that all these important religious figures started showing up for people at his events. He recalled a very important incident,

”It was strange for me when last year, three people at an event all saw Jesus standing in the same spot in the room. My logical mind did not know how to handle this because I didn’t know that was possible. Then Mother Mary started showing up apparently because she and Jesus were friends.“ David smiled when he said this and continued“ Then Buddha, Lao Tzu, Lady Quan Yin and Gandhi started showing up.“


I was of course curious about the fact that these Ascended Masters don’t seem to discriminate according to the religious or spritual background of the event participants. David explained how he sees it,


“Our lower world, small picture logic tend to make us think that they must be in competition in heaven because the religions of the world act like they are in competition  to get more followers but since they are all about love, unity, sharing their spiritual knowledge, wisdom and healing, and all have looked to and ascended towards the same source of goodness, what we call God or the creator, they are all on the same team and working towards the same common goal of peace, understanding and oneness.”


If people can communicate directly with what was once seen as the privilege of religious and spiritual leaders. What is it that happens at the ‘Soul Activation Journeys” that makes this come about? David feels that all people have this capacity naturally, and that he is simply the catalyst, ” I help people allow the shift from the limited, logical part of our self, to our unlimited higher intelligence part, our higher self. Our Soul has access to information and experiences that our logical lower part does not have access to. We have all heard that we only use a tiny capacity of what our brain is capable of. I help people access that sacred part of themselves through what I’ve learned, and by lifting the vibration of the room with my music.”


David feels one of the most important messages comes through is that the Assended Masters are reachable and accessible to anybody. They will share their wisdom and love if we only reach out to them.




Michael Peter Langevin is co-owner/operater of LangevinAxelssonmarketing.com


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