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Bonnie works as a psychic medium, writer and artist.  She has sensed the unknown from a very early age often having precognitive dreams and a close connection to animals.  With maturity other senses began to appear including Clairaudience (hearing) which is still her strongest sense, Clairsentience (feeling) and Clairvoyance (seeing) though these are all common attributes in people who are psychically gifted. Bonnie considers herself an empathic intuitive and a spiritualist and always believes that she works hand-in-hand with the Divine.  


Bonnie takes her work very seriously.  “I am often dealing with people who have suffered great losses in their lives, perhaps the most difficult being the loss of a child or a parent. I have found that many people who do this type of work are inexperienced, or do not understand the gravity of putting yourself into other people’s lives. This is a sacred trust between myself and the people for whom I am reading.  Without a strong moral imperative this can do great harm to the client who needs and deserves compassion, understanding, and as clear a connection as possible.”


A gifted medium she often senses those that have crossed and the angels or guides that might surround a person who is in need of that alignment. Born in the Bible Belt where in some communities such gifts are still considered blasphemous, she tries to help gifted people who have also struggled with non-acceptance and continues to give back to spirit in service to those in need.


Bonnie often writes for Echo of the World Magazine under the pseudonym Angelica Blackmoon, but also uses her spirit name MysticCat, for her website and her former publishing company.  She was formerly a guest on the spiritual radio show Journey Into the Light with Michael Long.


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