What Makes Whole Body Vibration Therapy Unique?

Whole body vibration therapy may be a new phrase to you, but it’s one you’re going to want to learn more about and fast. The idea behind the therapy is the treatment of the body as a whole.

When one part of the body is hurting or disease attacks one part of the body, the entire body including the mind is affected by it. The scientific backing behind the therapy has proven that the methods of treating and working out the body as a whole makes an impact on lives for the better.

Just like some other form of exercises (but without the wear and tear on the muscles), this type of therapy strengthens the body, improves balance and helps to condition the muscles.

What makes it unique is that it gives a workout to the entire body in much less time than it would take you to work out at a gym. But, unlike working out in a gym, this therapy is also recommended for the elderly as well as for people who have certain diseases that affect the muscles.

Rather than targeting one part of the body or one set of muscles, whole body vibration therapy travels from head to toe exercising and strengthening the person as a whole. When you work out on your own or on machines at an exercise center, you can only work those muscles up to a certain speed based on your own ability.

You can’t force the muscles to contract or relax any faster and you’d get injured if you did try to make your muscles move beyond their capability. However, with vibrational therapy, the machine is what stimulates the muscles and takes them that extra mile but without any injury to you.

Because it’s not a rigid type of exercise and it’s not fast paced aerobics, this can safely be used even by people who have experienced problems with their joints. The machine works as an aid to give back dexterity and power to muscles affected by stress injuries or injured in the course of sports play which is one of the reasons why star athletes use this therapy.

Faster healing means getting back in the game quicker, and while you might not be a high paid athlete, you deserve to spend life in the game too, instead of sitting on the bench because of being sidelined by pain or injured muscles.

Rehabilitation experts recommend whole body vibration therapy to older people to help them move about more freely when they’ve been slowed by age or muscle problems. You can spend less time working out and yet give your entire body the top of the line defense against diseases, muscles that ache and the loss of flexibility that comes with aging joints.

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