A noddle threw the forest

I live quite close to a forest that is special in some way. I take a walk once every couple of days. Last tuesday it was raining so bad that I was humming and hawing about going for the daily walk. So I decided to go for the walk. Grabbed my wet gear and wellingtons and left for a fresh air for an hour.

At the entrance of the forest I stop and ask the fairies, spirits and guardian of the forests it ok to walk . I get a big yes it is fine to walk threw the forest. This fog comes out of now where and makes it very interesting and mystical to walk throughout the forest. Once

I get to a certain point where your sounded by trees. This is when the magic begins. I stop to hear the wind gallop around the trees. The fairies are dancing, trees creek and the leaves sway with amusement. Than I start to continue my walk and I talk to spirits and guardian of the forest about things that are bothering me or to help me grow as individual. While all this is happening rain lightens of a tiny bit.

At this time of the year I would find certain animals either lost or dumped. I come across this spirited horse who looks like he been around for awhile. I start chatting to him to see if he is ok. Reapplies with yes everything is grand, there is food water and some seller. So I turn around and start walking back the way I had came because I didn’t want to push the same way he had came and also the horse look comfortable.

On my way home I feel so wet. That it feels like soul also received a bath. I arrive home feeling on top of the world and the cobwebs wished out of my hair. Spiritually blessed of taking that walk. I go up and open the animal spirit book because I believe that the animals we see are an indication of where we are at in that moment of time. The horse means you are going on a spiritual trip, freedom and spirited. I read it and and thank the people who look after me in the spiritual world or my guides, guardians and gurus. These messages come to use in order to shake up or lives and make us aware of the other elements of life par spirituality.

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