Julianna Jay

Julianna Jay is a gifted conduit for Source. She is a scribe, spiritual mentor, inspirational speaker & author. She assists individuals in focusing on fulfilling the dreams of their soul, while experiencing & expressing the infinite possibility of their identity. She is passionate about bringing true enlightenment in a time of shifting consciousness & spiritual awakening in this world. She is renowned globally for her signposts from the soul. Through these signposts she shares her unique gift of connecting with the soul of another by transcribing the signposts of love & empowerment that the soul wishes to convey. These help to bring clarity on soul purpose, relationships, soul contract & finding true peace and alignment.

Julianna channels spiritual teaching translated from a group of non-physical entities she fondly refers to as “the dudes”. Julianna also channels dialogue from Source as an inspirational speaker. She is currently finishing her latest book “The Wi-fi code to your Inner-net a place we call home” This book delivering words of wisdom on the 7 Spiritual Life codes will be available this Autumn.

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