Jeanne Greening

Jeanne Greening is an alternative wellness practitioner, consultant, teacher, and author. She as provided individual therapy as well as presented workshops and seminars nationwide for more than forty years.


Jeanne is a certified practitioner of SCIO Quantum Biofeedback, Theta Healing, and SRC4U. She earned her Reiki Mastership in 1987, has taught for Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan, and has certified Reiki Master practitioners throughout the country. Jeanne wrote and published the Reiki Mastership Manual, available for Reiki Masters.


She is a skilled practitioner of the Derma Ray Lymphatic device. Jeanne is the progenitor and instructor of the Greening Healing Technique, specializing in healing through energy, color, and gemstones. She is a Homeo-Therapeutics Consultant, a Hospice worker, and has been an instructor and consultant for the Institute for the transformational Hypnotherapy and Clinical Care Network in Michigan. She is a lifetime member of the Clinical Hypnosis Pro Group, and a graduate of the Clinical Hypnosis School.


Additionally, Jeanne is a Medicine Woman and Spiritual Leader certified with the Nemenhah Native American tribe. Jeanne teaches White Eagle Classes and is an Outer and Inner Brother. She is a Love Healer and sponsors healing groups for White Eagle Lodge (St. John Retreat Center) in Montgomery, Texas, and England.


Since 1986 she has served as a minister for the Alliance of Divine Love teaching ministerial courses nationwide. She is also a practitioner of Source Energy Medicine™, a methodology of healing through vibrational frequencies with water.


Jeanne received her license as a Quantum Healer through the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine. She has advanced training in coaching, guidance, and interaction with clients, which she merges with her natural intuitive abilities to help people achieve their goals.


Jeanne is available for private and group sessions, and as a lecturer on an extensive variety of topics. Contact Jeanne: • 540-491-9354


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