Eileen McCour – Author of Christian Mysticism


Eileen McCourt is a retired school teacher of English and History with a Master’s degree in History from University College Dublin.

She is also a Reiki Grand Master teacher and practitioner, having qualified in Ireland, England and Spain, and has introduced many of the newer modalities of Reiki healing energy into Ireland for the first time, from Spain and England. Eileen has qualified in England through the Lynda Bourne School of Enlightenment, and in Spain through the Spanish Federation of Reiki with Alessandra Rossin, Bienstar, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.

Regular workshops and healing sessions are held in Elysium Wellness, Newry, County Down; New Moon Holistics N.I.  Carrickfergus, County Antrim, and Angel Times Limerick, where Eileen teaches all of the following to both practitioner and teacher levels:

Tibetan Usui Reiki levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and Grand Master

Tera-Mai Reiki Seichem

Okuna Reiki  (Atlantean and Lemurian)

Reiki Karuna  (Indian)

Rahanni Celestial Healing

Fire Spirit Reiki  (Christ Consciousness and Holy Spirit)

Mother Mary Reiki

Mary Magdalene Reiki

Archangels Reiki

Archangel Ascended Master Reiki

Violet Flame Reiki

Lemurian Crystal Reiki 

Golden Eagle Reiki  (Native North American Indian)

Golden Chalice Reiki

Golden Rainbow Ray Reiki

Goddesses of Light Reiki

Unicorn Reiki 

Pegasus Reiki

Elementals Reiki

Dragon Reiki

Dolphin Reiki

Pyramid of Goddess Isis Reiki

Magnified Healing of the God Most High of the Universe

Psychic Surgery

Eileen has published 12 books:

Living the Magic‘,  published in December 2014

This Great Awakening’,  September 2015

Spirit Calling!  Are You Listening?’,  January 2016

Working With Spirit: A World of Healing‘,  January 2016

Life’s But A Game!  Go With The Flow!’,  March 2016

Rainbows, Angels and Unicorns!’,  April 2016

‘……..And That’s The Gospel Truth!’,  September 2016

 ‘The Almost Immaculate Deception! The Greatest Scam in History?’, September 2016

Are Ye Not Gods?’ The true inner meanings of Jesus’ teachings and messages’,  March 2017

‘Jesus Lost and Found’,  July 2017

‘Behind Every Great Man…… Mary Magdalene Twin Flame of Jesus’,  July 2017

‘Out of the Mind and into the Heart:  Our Spiritual Journey with Mary Magdalene’  August 2017

Eileen has also recorded 6 guided meditation cds with her brother, pianist Pat McCourt:

 ‘Celestial Healing’

‘Celestial Presence’

‘Cleansing, energising and balancing the Chakras’

‘Ethereal Spirit’

‘Open the Door to Archangel Michael’

‘Healing with Archangel Raphael’

All publications are available from Amazon online and all publications and cds are in Angel and Holistic centres around the country, as specified on website.

Eileen’s first dvd video is due out in just a few weeks:  ‘Living the Magic’.

Website:  www.celestialhealing8.co.uk

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