Cillín is a sports nutritionist

After an early career in bio-chemistry, Cillín trained as a nutritionist with the College of Naturopathic Medicine. He is much in demand in the shop not only by virtue of his enthusiasm about nutrition but also because of his genuine interest in helping people improve their state of health. He is particularly attracted to sports nutrition and has helped athletes improve their performance by changing their diet and by proper supplementation.

When away from work Cillín enjoys adventure sports such as hiking and mountain biking  and takes spins and the occasional race on his motorbike. He teaches Kettlebells out in Raheen and has convinced a few work colleagues to join him.

Favourite product:
He uses a lot of products from the shop but Terra Nova’s Living Multinutrient is at the top of his list. Why this particular multi? Because it has a unique base of 16 superfoods called the Magnifood complex which helps to maximize the benefits of the other nutrients and it’s free from fillers and binders.

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