Aurora Walks Gently

Aurora enjoys facilitating well-being and greater possibilities for beings of all forms. She co-creates with participants, Nature and Spirit to create greater possibilities and joy for all.  With nearly 30 years committed to conscious evolution and healing, she draws from philosophies, studies, and tools including Reiki, shamanism, Bau-Biologie, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, Brain Gym®, Peace and Reconciliation Studies (with particular focus on Native American/First Nations Restorative Justice), Al-Anon, Permaculture, Positive and Behavioral Psychology, and, most recently, Access Consciousness®.  Aurora is also trained as a ceremonial pipe carrier and sweat lodge facilitator in the traditions of Sun Bear and Panther Wind Woman.

Her 2014 masters thesis, A Holistic Well-Being Curriculum:  Guiding Students Toward Success and a Sustainable World, is a culmination of decades of observation, awareness, healing, and research.  It offers a semester long course — a guided exploration — to assist each student in developing and deepening their understanding of their own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Aurora is available to speak, teach, and facilitate personal and group sessions throughout Virginia, Maine, and beyond. To learn more, visit or contact her directly at or (434) 299-2371.

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