About Sancit

Aaron O'Dowd

Aaron O’Dowd

Sancit is a sanskrit word that means true consciousness. It originates from two sanskrit words. They are San and cit. While I was finishing my second level education in Ireland I was exploring and reading various spiritual books that I could get my hands on. I came across this book called Kriya Yoga by Gurudev. While reading the book a few words kept popping out throughout the book. I had wrote them into my personal journal, gave it a few days of thinking and put it to aside for a while.

A year later I had spent some time traveling through Morocco. Stimulated some of those ideas I had read in the spiritual books a year ago. I spent some time digging through my personal journal and two words popped out again and they were San and Cit. I said to myself okay, I need to do something with these two words. I had spent some time meditating and contemplating on what I could do with this message and what did it mean. Later, a friend of mine showed me a project that they were doing, what I saw was their work, on a blog! The light bulb switched on and gave me the idea to create a blog as well and then named my blog Sancit. The Blog explores the world of holistic therapies, well known spiritual people and create awareness of what is out there.

A few months in it being launched I took a six week meditation retreat. Than working on the Queen Mary ship on the Alive and Health conference where I was going to present my very first lecture and give one to one seasons. After coming home from my trip I had a feeling that I would venture into the podcasting world. Didn’t know when it would be. So a year later after the idea. I created a podcast show to help share people’s stories, experiences, knowledge and everything else that comes along with it. To understand how does the human work in random with the body, mind and spirit.