Happy New Year

In China on their new years day. They get fireworks and write on them in order to get rid of energy ant hat has been with them for some time. I believe as people should take items from cultures and makeintergrate them into their own culture. If we are all one does that mean we celebrate together with different ideas.

We bedtime so caught up in the past or future we forget the times that were we sat down over a meal and laughter. in the moment we forgot the outside troubles. We live in a fast world these days it is either the past or the future. In the moment life is happening than waiting. The winds blows at you what would you do? Riecause that gust of wind can take you places.

My guru says Love Love and Love. He says this because love disturbs everything. If I have an argument with somebody and still be there e friend. That is a form of love. We have relationships that we don’t like at the end of the day we are all one and love regress what they have done. Jin the bible this kind of message is nearly everywhere in the hindden message.

I wish everybody a happy new year. I wonder what new energy and adventure will bring to you.

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